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What does a calendar page look like?

The Calendar page template is a standard template in SiteBuilder. You create and edit events as individual items within the calendar.

Calendar view

A calendar page consists of several different page views that can show events items:

  • Day view: shows a list of all the events scheduled on that day.
  • 4 day view: shows a list by day of all events scheduled in the next 4 days.
  • Week view: Shows a calendar grid of the current week.
  • 4 week view: shows a calendar grid of the next four weeks.
  • Monthly view: shows a calendar grid of the current month.
  • Term view: Shows particular term dates.
  • Agenda view: shows a list of upcoming events.

When a user browses to the page they can switch between the views to suit their purposes.

The editor can also choose whether to show weekends and term week numbers (either normal, cumulative or academic) on the calendar in grid views.

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