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How do I copy an event?

Copying a specific calendar event rather than using the repeat function. For example for events that you have a lot of but don't necessarily happen that regularly but perhaps many of the details remain the same.

The copy function takes your original item and opens up the NewsBuilder editor, allowing you to quickly change the items you need to such as the date etc.

This can be done as you are creating a new event or when editing an existing event.

  1. Create your new event as usual using the NewsBuilder interface and publish.
    View the event in the calendar or agenda view.
    Select the event title (a link), which will display an event summary:

    Calendar - copy event

    You will see there are four small icons next to the title. Moving your mouse over each icon will tell you what they do.

    Calendar - edit icons

    • Export the event as an i-calendar;
    • the editing option (the pencil icon);
    • the copy function;
    • and the delete event option.

  2. Select the icon for the copy function. The NewsBuilder editor will open up with all the prefilled detail of the original event.
  3. Make the change that you need to.
  4. Select Create item button at the bottom of the page.
  5. View your copied event on the calendar.

Calendar - copied event