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How do I create and edit tags (categories) for events?

It is often useful to categorise the items that you add to your news and calendar pages. If you have a large amount of items it can be useful for users to be able to filter them by category, or if you are maintaining items for a whole department it would be useful if items were categorised for staff or student, or by module perhaps. Calendar items are categorised using tags.

An item can have any number of tags, allowing items to be cross-referenced by a number of different fields. When you add a tag to an event, the tag appears as a check box in the top-right corner of the calendar page, allowing users to filter events by specific categories.

Note: Events that do not have any tags attached to them will always be visible on the calendar page, even if a user filters tags to only show specific categories.

Adding tags to a calendar page

Tags can be added as a new event is is created, or when the event is edited.

Tags can be added to an event in two ways: by selecting a tag that already exists, or by creating a new tag. The tags field is shown at the bottom of the create or edit entry screen:

Tags - Create new tags

Any existing tags will be shown along with a check box for each.

  1. If the tag you wish to apply already exists check the box next to the tag so that it is selected.
  2. If the tag does not exist, enter the tag name into the text box labelled New tag and select the Create button. The new tag will be created and will be applied to the event.
  3. If you are creating the event from new, then select the Create item button, or if you are editing an existing event Select the Save changes button.

Editing tags

In general you will want to create an assign tags in the method shown above. However, there are occasions when you want to edit a tag so that the change is represented on every event that is tagged with that tag. For example the tag might have a spelling error, or the name of a module tag may change, or you may wish to add or change a colour for the tag.

  1. To change the attributes of a tag, Select the Edit tags link at the top of a calendar page.

    A list of all the tags that exist on the current calendar page will be displayed like this. Also shown is the number of items each tag is associated with, links to edit and delete each tag, and a link to create a new tag.

    Tags - edit tags

  2. Select the Edit link for the tag that you wish to edit. The edit tag screen will appear:

    Tags - edit colours

    From this screen you can edit the Name of the tag, and also change the colour associated with it. The colour is shown on any of the grid views of the calendar page, and if you change the colour of the tag the change will be shown as an example on the right.
  3. When you have made the changes that you wish Select the Save button.

If you Select the Create new tag link from the first screen shot you will be shown a screen similar to the one above. You can specify both the Name and Colour of the new tag and then create it. The new tag will not as yet be associated with any event items but will be shown at the top of the calendar page with any other tags, and will be available for selecting in the Create and Edit an entry screens.

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