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How do I import iCal files (.ics) into a Calendar?

Using an iCal file (.ics), you can import calendar data from other calendar sources, to be displayed on your Sitebuilder calendar.

1. Export and save your desired calendar as an iCal file (.ics). All calendars in Sitebuilder have an icalendar.png download link located at the bottom of the calendar. Click this link to download and save the calendar to your computer.

Note: To export an Outlook calendar: In Outlook 2010 click 'File' > 'Save Calendar' when viewing your calendar.

2. Once you have created your Sitebuilder calendar page, look for the 'Import an iCalendar file' button upload_ical.png. This is located on the toolbar at the top of the calendar.

3. Choose your exported iCal file and click 'Import'. You will be taken to a page displaying the events you will be importing, click 'Return to Calendar' to be taken back to the Sitebuilder calendar page.


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