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How do I create a new calendar event?

There are three methods to create a new event on a calendar page.

Calendar - Create a new event

1. Create a new event using the green plus icon on the date

  1. Go to your calendar page.
  2. Move the mouse over the date on the calendar where you want to create the event and select the green plus icon that pops up to the left of the date.

    Calendar - Add event - Green plus icon

    This will take you to the NewsBuilder edit screen for creating an event.

    Calendar - event editor page

    An event comprises a number of elements. Every event must have a Title to distinguish it from other events. An event should always have a Start and End date as well as a Location. The event could also have some Notes (short abstract about the event) and some further Detail if needed. As with a news story the Detail can be an existing web page, a SiteBuilder page that you create as you create the event, or stored as a pop-up box with the event.

    You can specify the time that an event will start and end, to the nearest 15 minutes. You can also specify if the event is an all-day event and whether it repeats and have the calendar page automatically add the other instances. This is done using the ‘Repeats’ field and an event can happen daily, every weekday, weekly, monthly, or annually, from the specified start date.

    The final element is Tags associated with the item.
  3. Enter the Title of your event.
  4. Enter a brief abstract of the event in the Notes field. This information can be edited using the edit menu as you would do in a normal SiteBuilder page. The edit menu in NewsBuilder is a cut-down version of the SiteBuilder editor.
  5. Decide on how you want the Detail to be displayed - and select the option button for either a pre-existing web page or to Create the Detail now. This will determine what options appear next. If you wish to link to a pre-existing page, just enter the url in the URL field already on the page, but if you want to Create the Detail now, a new editing screen will appear to add the Detail.
  6. Add any detail to the Detail box.
  7. Decide if you want to Create a new web page with this detail and if so check the tickbox.
  8. Enter the Location of the event.
  9. Complete the start and end dates and times. You can use the calendar icon to change the date to the right of the date.
  10. If it is an All-day event, check the appropriate box.
  11. Use the Repeats drop-down menu if the event repeats, ensuring that you check the day of the week that the event starts.
  12. Decide on what Tags to use for the item and tick the corresponding check boxes or create a new tag.
  13. Select Create item button to create your event.

You will be taken back to the calendar page, where you should see the event item you have just created. If you select the title of the event, a pop-up box will appear giving you more information about the item. If you select the ‘More Info’ at the bottom of the pop-up, this will take you to the related web page. Select the small red cross in the right hand corner to close the pop-up.

2. Create an item by selecting the Create event button

  1. Select the Create event button from the tool icons (at the top near the tags).

    Calendar - Add Event - Create Event button

    The event editor screen will come up.
  2. Follow the instructions as above.

3. Create an item using the Quick add facility

  1. Add your cursor to the small text box to the left hand side of the icon menu at the top of the calendar.

    Calendar - Add event - Quick add tool

  2. Start typing in as much information you can about the event. You will notice as you type a small pop-up box will appear – do not be alarmed and continue typing.

    Note: The date format should be typed in this style: 03/08/2018

  3. When you have finished entering the text, press the return key on the keyboard. You will see that the item has now been added to the calendar, and hopefully on the correct date. If no date is specified or it does not recognise the date, it will default to the date that it is on that day. If this or something else is not correct, then re-edit the event to make the necessary adjustments.
  4. Select the item, and then the pencil icon to edit the item or add further detail to it.

    For more information about just how versatile this tool is, select the question mark icon at the end of icon menu.

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