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How do I create a news item?

All the tools for creating and editing stories are done within page. From the news page, select the Create New Item button on the right hand side.

  1. Go to your news page.
  2. Select the Create New Item button on the right hand side. The NewsBuilder content editor will appear.

    NewsBuilder editor
  3. Click in the Title box and insert the title of the news story.
  4. If you wish to include a thumbnail image for the news item, select the Browse button, locate the image you wish to add from your computer and Select Open or double click it to add it to the image editor. Thumbnail images must be rectangular and sized anywhere between 100 x100 and 1170 x1170 pixels.
  5. Click in or add your cursor to the Abstract field and enter a paragraph of taster text or abstract in the box provided. This could be the first couple of sentences of the item or a brief overview paragraph. The text may be edited using the edit tools supplied as you would edit text in a normal SiteBuilder page.
  6. You have two options for supplying further detail about the news item:
    1. Use a pre-existing web page for the item's detail (Select this button and a URL field will appear where you can paste the web address of the page that you want to link to for the further detail).
    2. Create the detail for this item now. (Add the detail into the Detail field, then decide if you want this new detail to be a new web page in its own right, to sit under the news page, and if so check the Create a new page with this detail checkbox underneath).
    Generally speaking, whether you create a link, and whether it links to more detail or another web page, depends upon the length of the item that you are adding and the nature of additional information. If for example, you were adding a very short item, you’ll probably only need the title and the taster text. If however, your item is four or five paragraphs long, you may want to link to the more detail page. If the item is quite long, such as a recently published research article, you could link directly to the article or to another SiteBuilder page where the full article is.
  7. Decide if you wish to Expire news item after a certain date/time and check this option and then when the calendar editor appears, enter the expiry date and time. Note: If you choose to expire a news item, then any child pages with further detail will also be deleted.
  8. Choose if you want to Pin the news item above all other news items and check the box. This enables you to pin a particular news story so it stays at the top of the news list. A (Pinned) tag is added to the story which is visible on the published news story. Several stories can be pinned at the same time, with the most recently published item taking preference. All the pinned stories will be displayed first. The stories will stay at the top as long as the pin option is checked. As soon as the pin is removed (or option unchecked) the story will drop down back down to the date it was published.
  9. Create some tags (or categories) for the item using the pre-existing tags or the New tag box and Create button.

    News - create new tag

  10. When you have finished creating the tags, Select the Create item button at the bottom of the page to create the news story.

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