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What does a news page look like?

The News page template is a standard template in SiteBuilder. You create and edit news stories as individal items within the News page template.

Here's an example page of news from the Physics Dept

News - Physics dept news example

Each news item on the page has:

  • A title
  • An excerpt of the full news item text
  • Tags to group and filter news items (eg "Undergraduate", "Research" etc)
  • The publication date and time

If you select the news item title, you'll see the full news item text on its individual SiteBuilder page – or a page on an external website if the editor has linked to news on an external page.

You can include an optional thumbnail image for each story and align it left or right.

Page editors can also create and edit tags for the news items.

There's a link at the bottom of the page for older news. As you add more news items, older items will automatically move down the page and into the older news pages.

You can enter the number of stories to be displayed on the current page in the Page Properties of the main news page, under the template section - Number of recent items. In this example the number of recent items has been added as '3'. You could leave it as this number or perhaps set it to 10 or 20.

News - Page properties - Recent Items

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