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How do I create a news page?

Use the news page template to publish news items on your website. Publishing news in this way, rather than via a standard page, means you can use news headlines lists elsewhere in your site, which update automatically when you share a new story.

  1. Go to the parent page where you want to create the news page.
  2. Go Edit > Create a new page. A new Page properties page will appear enabling you to create all the metadata information for the page.
  3. Change the page template from a Blank page to a News page. Select the Change page template button to show all the options for the standard page templates. Select News page from the options.
    On the page properties, some options for customising the news page will appear along with a warning notice advising you that once the news page is created, you cannot then change it to another template. The other options are:
    • Set the number of recent items (ie; how many news items to display on the page before older items drop into the older news section)
    • Specify where the tag list should appear (either at the top or on the right of the news page)
    • Display uploaded news item images in Abstracts and
    • Show Facebook 'Like' buttons for public news items
  4. Now complete the URL or web address for the page. You only need to insert the final word(s) that make up the end of the URL and this should be just lowercase with either an undersore or a hyphen to separate words
  5. Complete all the rest of the page properties as you would do normally.
  6. Select the Save button to save those changes and create a new page. You will get a notification that your new page has been created. You can either follow the link to the new page or Select the Return to edit section link.

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