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Searching the calendar

At the top of the calendar there is search facility for searching for specific events.

  1. Go to your calendar page.
  2. Select the searching tool (the looking glass icon) from the editing tools at the top of the calendar. A search box will pop out.

    Calendar - search tool

  3. Start typing a search term into the box to generate search results.

If the icon is greyed out, when you hover over the icon, a tooltip will appear saying "The owner of this page has chosen to disallow searching". This could be the case for one of two reasons:

  1. The Allow search engines option in the calendar page properties is not checked. See the following FAQ for more information on editing page properties: What are page properties? (in the case of a filtered calendar page you will need to edit the properties of the parent calendar. For more information on filtered pages see the following FAQ: How do I create a filtered calendar view?).
  2. It is a composite calendar. Composite calendars combine events from a number of other calendars, some of which may be external (such as iCalendar). The SiteBuilder search will not index external items, so the search facility is automatically disabled on composite calendars

Events appearing in search results

It can take sometimes take a few hours for events to appear in search results, so you may find that the event you have just created does not appear in the results when you search for it. After entering a new event, check the calendar page properties to make sure that the Allow search engines option is checked (in the case of a filtered calendar you will need to check the page properties of the parent calendar). Wait for a few hours and then try searching again. Your event should now appear in the results.

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