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How do I create or edit an event to make it a recurring event?

A calendar page allows you to specify that an event will occur more than once. You can specify that an event will repeat on a specified day, at a specific interval, for a set period of time.

In order to add a recurring event, either create a new event or edit an existing event.

To add a repeating event you need to change the Repeats property for the event. This property is located between the End date and Tag fields:

There are six options for specifying how an event will reoccur:

  • Does not repeat
  • Daily
  • Every weekday (Mon-Fri)
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Annually

With the exception of Does not repeat, each option, when selected, will offer more options for customising when the event will repeat and for how long.

On selection, further options are provided to refine how the repeats should work.

The first field allows you to specify how often the event will reoccur, for example every 3 days or every weekday for 2 weeks. The other field allows to specify when these repetitions will stop.

If you choose the Weekly option an extra field will appear. This extra option allows you to specify the exact days when the event will reoccur. This must include the day of the initial event. For example, if an event first happened on Friday 24 October, and repeating weekly, the check box labelled 'Fr' (Friday) must at least be checked.

When you have changed the options to suit the recurrence you are trying to add (and you have changed any other details of the event you wish to), click the Create item or Save changes button.

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