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PG Tips

PG Tips July 2017

There is nothing better than a good cup of coffee to keep you going through a long day of study.

Join us at 3-4pm on Tuesdays in the Relaxation Room, PG Hub, for a study break, to meet other postgrads and to share tips on postgrad life.

This is also your chance to meet the Mentors from our online mentorship community in person and get all your questions answered. Find Mentor Sofia and changing guest Mentors in the PG Hub Tuesdays between 3 and 4pm.

  • Do you have questions which you’d prefer to ask anonymously, or in a place away from your department, supervisor or tutor?
  • Have you ever wondered how your peers tackle certain challenges?
  • Thinking about applying for a PhD but have some questions and want an honest answer from a fellow Warwick student?
  • Struggling to balance your time between teaching, skills development, job hunting and a social life… ask a Mentor for their tips!

Why not come along and meet a mentor – you can ask them anything, be it academic or pastoral. If they don’t know the answer, they’ll know in which direction to point you, either a more appropriate Mentor or another Warwick service.

Got a question for the Mentors at another time? Why not post it to the online community?

To find out more about our mentorship platform, click here.

Get involved

Is there a specific event you would like us to include in this programme?

Send us your ideas and suggestions to or talk to a member of staff at the PG Hub.

If you have any feedback on our events or spaces please complete our short survey.