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Updates to Reading Lists & Course Extracts: 2017-2018

1. Ordering of new books

To ensure that we have the materials on your reading lists available for students by the start of Term 2:

  • Please send your lists to the Library by the 1st December 2017 with approximate student numbers to allow enough time for us to acquire or scan the relevant items and have them available for the start of the module
  • As there are around 2,800 modules with Reading Lists and it can take 4-8 weeks for stock to be ordered and arrive and up to 3 weeks for items to be digitised it’s really important to supply the lists as early as possible. You may find creating reading lists - best practice helpful.

2. Reading Lists system (Aspire)

Many lists are already available on the Reading Lists system. To check whether your list has already been added please sign into the Reading Lists system and search by module code or name.

If your lists are already on the system

  • Please make any updates on the system and use the option to publish your list. We will then review the list and order required materials, prioritising Essential & Recommended reading

  • Please ensure that you have set yourself as the List Owner for all of your modules. To do this you must be logged into the system. After selecting your list click on Edit – Assign List Owner – Assign to me

  • If you have any Course Extracts to be digitised, see Course Extracts

  • To allow for items to arrive in time for the start of the module we ask that all updates are made in the system, ideally with approximate student numbers as soon as possible

    • If you can update your list before 1st December 2017 this will indicate to the Library that the module is running in 2017/18 and we will ensure that the list is published for the start of the module

  • If you find a list for a module that isn’t running please do notify us at acquisitions at warwick dot ac dot uk so we can archive that list. Archived lists can be re-published later if the module runs again

You may find creating Reading Lists - best practice helpful.

If your lists are not on the system or you need help & support with the system

  • Check the guides for more information

  • Contact your Academic Support Librarian

    • for details or if you have any questions not covered by the guides

    • to book a one-to-one appointment

  • If your list isn’t in the system but is ready and you don’t currently have time to add it please send the list to acquisitions at warwick dot ac dot uk as soon as possible so that we can order books and process digitisation requests

    • If you would like Library support to add your list please do advise us about this in your email. If there is any possibility of this we will try to advise you when we might be able to work on your list

3. Course Extracts – digitisation of articles or book chapters

If you already have Course Extracts

Please note that changes are taking place to the Course Extracts scanning service during summer 2017 with all links to content changing on 3rd July 2017. More information.

  • All Course Extracts are now being hosted on the Copyright Licensing Agency’s Digital Content Store and links to each extract have been added to Aspire. Reading Lists have been created for all modules in Aspire with Course Extracts that weren’t previously in Aspire

If you require Course Extracts for your 2017/18 reading list

Simply add a note for the Library in the Reading Lists system against any book chapters or articles on your reading list for 2017/18 that you wish to be scanned. We will process this for you, subject to licence restrictions, and link to the items. You will not need to fill out a separate Course Extracts request.

4. 2016/17 Reading Lists

Looking for your reading list? All 2016/17 reading lists have now been hidden from view. If you still need to access a 2016/17 reading list, please contact acquisitions at warwick dot ac dot uk and a link will be sent to you.

For any other queries about resourcing your modules please get in touch with your Academic Support Librarian or the Resource Acquisitions & Digital Access team at acquisitions at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Key dates

  • By 30th June - update your Reading List in the system or notify the Library your module will be running in 2017/18
  • 3rd July - any list not updated by 3rd July will be rolled over to draft format in Aspire for 2017/18
  • 3rd July - existing links to scans will be retired. Any content that you currently link to must be updated to new links
  • By 31st July - notify the Library of your reading lists for Term 1 2017/18 to allow time for book orders to arrive before the start of term
  • By 1st December - notify the Library of your reading lists for Term 2 2017/18 to allow time for book orders to arrive before the start of term