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University Mental Health & Wellbeing Day


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This years University Mental Health and Wellbeing day is today Thursday 2nd March 2017


We all have mental health and this will fluctuate day to day. Mental health exists on a continuum. We can promote good wellbeing with small steps in our day to day life.

Mental health is a part of our broader physical health. In fact, ‘Be Active’ is one of the five ways to wellbeing. Keeping physically active is one way in which we can manage mental health.

What is on and Where?

  What When Where
Wellbeing walk - duck feeding

Enjoy the beauty of campus by taking a break from your studies and work. Join the wellbeing advisor on this short walk to the lakes to feed the ducks.

12.30 Tuesday 28th Feb

Ground floor of the library by the staircase/ cafe entrance

Study Happy

the practice of meditation and "in-the-moment" techniques,
mindfulness cultivates in us the ability to free ourselves from our habitual responses. The result is that we are increasingly able to think, feel and act with a new sense of clarity and purpose in both every day and major moments of life. Learn some practical mindfulness exercises to help you feel calm and in
control. This is a special session on mindful movement.

1-2pm, Wednesday 1st March

Seminar Room, 2nd Floor Library

Mental Wellbeing and Careers Drop-in

A chance to meet with a Wellbeing Advisor and or careers advisor to discuss any questions you may have around your mental health whilst career planning.

Common topics students bring include:

Strategies for managing your mental health whilst managing the uncertanity of job hunting.

How to communicate gaps in study to potential future employers.

Whether to choose to disclose a mental health condition and what sort of reasonabale adjustments would be helpful.

Considering what career path would help you maintain or improve your mental health.

Wednesday 1st March 14.00-16.00

Learning Grid Uni House - Ask at careers reception

Caravan Theatre

Interactive theatre performance running throughout the day.

Wednesday 1st March 11.30-4pm


Wednesday 1st March 11.30-4pm


No need to book. Just go to the caravan.


Find out about activities that can boost your wellbeing and services that are there to support you:

Confirmed attendees include:

The Mental Health & Wellbeing Team

University Counselling Service

University Careers and Skills



Warwick Volunteers

Student Finance


Sexual Health Services

Dignity at Warwick

Warwick Sport

Young Carers Support

Smoking Stop 4 Life Service

Poster competition judging

Thursday 2nd March:11.00-15.00 Panorama suite 3 on the second floor of Rootes

Poster competition

£50 Amazon Voucher Prize

The mental health and wellbeing team has moved to Ramphal and we are keen to have your positive messages for other students brightening up our new waiting room.

We want you to create a bright poster to inspire others and to break the stigma of mental health.

Size: Between A1-A4

Medium: Any that can be easily mounted on the wall!

Theme: Positive mental health and wellbeing tips, advice and support


Be Creative it could be any of the following:

An image or message that challenges stigma around mental health

Tips or strategies have helped you

A montage of activities that boost your wellbeing

What the journey of recovery looks like to you!

Closing date: 3pm Wednesday 1st March

Location: Please drop your poster off at Wellbeing Support Services Ground Floor university House. Please include your name, student number and email and please let us know if you do not wish for your name to be displayed.

Judging: When: University Mental health and wellbeing day Thursday 2nd March

Posters will be displayed at the mental health and wellbeing team stall in Flexigrid Rootes between 11 and 14.30.

All attendees are eligible to cast one vote and the poster with the most votes at 14.30 will win the amazon voucher.

Terms and conditions.

If there is a draw in the number of votes then the final decision will be with the mental health coordinator. And their decision is final.

Winner will be informed of their Prize within 5 working days.

Any Posters summited may be put on display within wellbeing support services and may be used within promotional material or social media.

Participants have the right to withdraw their submission up until 14.30 on Thursday 2nd March.

All work must be the creators own and not be copyrighted.


Banquet Party

Join the Library for a day of magical activities, riddling games, wellbeing workshops and a quizzical feast, all inspired by the world of Harry Potter. These activities are designed to help you take a break from your study, relax and have some fun. All students are welcome!

Register your interest here.

Restful Room of Requirement


Quiet Hour - this is designed for those of you with autism, anxiety or other disabilities to make this event more accessible. Please respect this Quiet Hour and attend during the main hours if you are less affected by noise and busy-ness. 3-5pm: The Restful Room of Relaxation opens!

Thursday 2nd March 2-6pm

Seminar Room, 2nd Floor


HogWarwick Workshops

Workshops by careers and skills within the main library.

11-12: Arithmancy & Time-Turners: Organising Yourself And Your Time
12-1: Divination: Planning Ahead And Telling Your Story
1-2: Transfiguration: Boost Your Confidence

Thursday 2nd March 11-14.00

371, Library 3rd Floor Extension

Please register


Staff v Students Quidditch Tournament.

"Learn a fun new sport with Quidditch
Society! Make sure you wear appropriate clothes and a bring a change of clothes
- it's likely to be muddy."

Thursday 2nd March 12-2:

Claycroft fields

Register for the tournament here.

Warwick WIDE Talk and Lunch

Hear an inspiring talk from Fliss Baker:

Fliss is thirty-four years old with a marketing background, however, her life changed at the age of twenty-six when she was diagnosed with bipolar and an eating disorder.

We need to open our eyes, minds and hearts to the subject of mental health in order to gain insight and make a difference. Fliss Baker wants to talk about all aspects ranging from stigma, news and trends, her personal story and how the mental health services have aided her recovery. Her objective is to use her experience to inspire others and encourage people to think differently about mental health, a subject that touches every single one of us.


Thursday 2nd March: 12-14.00 with the talk starting 12.30 prompt)

Panorama 3 (Rootes Building)

If you wish to attend the event please register here - Registration essential

Mind Journey Bus Pop your head around the doors of the bus and you will be made to feel welcome. The charity Mind are there to talk about the work that they do and they have lots of information on mental health. Thursday 2nd March: 10-15.00 Plaza
Exam Revision Workshop

Stressed about exams? Not sure where to start?Careers and skills exam revision workshop covers:
•planning your revision
•strategies for revision and creating revision notes
•self-care during the revision period
•analysing exam questions
•time management in exams

Thursday 2nd March: 11-13.00

B2.04/5, Science Concourse (across the bridge from the Library)

Please register here

Relaxation Station

Learn to relax with someone else: Massage in sitting with clothes on. Using instrument assisted device. Iam tools.

Exercise to do at desk for relaxation: Easy exercises to increase blood supply to body (including the brain!) whilst at desk environment.

The sessions will be done free of charge but they will have a donation box so that students can make donations to Transplant Sport

Thursday 2nd March:


Panorama Room

Suite 3

Free Gym: Supportive Gym Hour

This is an opportunity for students/staff to come use the gym for free for an hour. There will be a member of staff available and dedicated to helping individuals if they have questions about their exercise routine or need help with equipment.

Thursday 2nd March 9.30-10.30

(Requires Booking and is available to book on the or through the APP)

Free Exersise Classes

09.00-09.30 HIIT x 12 persons

09.30-10.00 Movement For Energy x 12 persons

10,.00-10.30 Movement for Energy x 12 persons

10.30-11.00 HIIT x 12 persons

Ikea Room

All require booking through Warwick Sport

Rock up and play Volleyball You don't need to bring anyone just wear comfortable clothing:  

Thursday 2nd March:

Times: 5pm-6pm UV Volleyball Rock Up

6pm-7pm UV Volleyball Rock Up

7pm-9pm UV Volleyball Tournament

Desso Hall

Price: £3 per session

Not Just Knitting

‘Come, learn to knit or crochet. Beginners are welcome. Materials (and cake) provided.’

Thursday 2nd March 13.00-15.00

School of Modern Languages and Cultures Coffee and Cake Morning Language students, take a break from studying and join us for coffee cake and info on mentl health.

Thursday 2nd March:


TRC (transnational resource centre,
ground floor of Humanities)
Gibbet Hill Wellbeing and Mental Health Fete

De-Stress Activities,

Hints and tips,

Homemade Cake,

Support resourses

Thursday 2nd March 10-14.00

SLS Atrium

Student Union: Gender, Race, Sexuality and Mental Health: An Intersectional Focus

Lucy Neely Morgan, Blogger and Activist

Maria de Pereira, the Centre for Study of Women and Gender

A Representative from Movember (to be confirmed)

Hareem Ghani, NUS Women’s Officer (to be confirmed)

Friday 3rd March, 3pm-5pm,


University mental health day is an opportunity for staff and students to break the stigma of mental health and to identify activities that can maintain or boost your wellbeing.

This Year’s theme is active mental health so you may want to start by being active in starting a conversation with someone asking if they are ok or sharing how you are.

You may wish to get active with one of the free sports activities that are on campus or you may want to find out about the mental health services available to be active in addressing your own mental health needs.

So this years theme is linked closely with physical activity.

Physical Activity and Mental Health

What is activity?

The Department of Health recommends 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a week, made up of periods of 10 minutes or more. What counts as moderate intensity? Well, anything that gets your heart pumping a little more than usual; you should still be able to carry on a conversation, but you might need some extra breaths in between sentences. Great examples can be something as simple as taking a brisk walk around campus, dancing on a night out, through to joining a team sport that you’ve always fancied having a go at. Making small physical changes to your lifestyle can have big effects on your health and wellbeing.

Benefits of Physical activity:

Increasing physical activity can:

Lift your mood

Reduce depressive symptoms

Promote a sense of calm

Build confidence and feelings of success

Manage symptoms of anxiety

Relieve stress

Boost self-esteem and feelings of self-worth

Allow you to gain an improved sense of control (this can be over both your mind and body)

Improve your cognitive performance and memory (great for study sessions!)

Improve your sleep

Create opportunities to socialise

Increase your creativity

Experiencing breathlessness and increased heart rate during exercise can help you feel equipped to manage the symptoms of anxiety

NICE (2009) guidelines recommend physical activity for treating depression

So, what’s the science? When we exercise, our brains release neurotransmitters, little chemicals that fly around communicating messages from the brain to different parts of the body. In particular, exercise promotes the release of endorphins and dopamine; two neurotransmitters which can help to make us feel happy or rewarded. The more endorphins we release, the more positive we feel and the more likely we are to carry on with our new exercise habit. This is what’s known as ‘the reward circuit’. Not only that, but when you subject yourself to the stress of moderate activity, your body becomes more able to adapt to other stressors – think exam pressures, or the anxieties you might experience in a new relationship.

Trouble getting started? Write down all the exercise you currently do – it might be more than you think. Then choose a small activity that will get you moving on at least five days a week. Think about how you are going to make time for that activity, and put it into your diary. As you build up, you can think about adding in some goals, and some rewards for hitting those goals.

What if it gets too much?

The danger with any good feeling is that we can get addicted to it. We feel great from our new exercise habit, then struggle to replicate that feeling in other areas of our lives, so exercise more to compensate for that. If you’re worried you, or a friend, might be over-exercising, take a look at the list below and see if any of these apply:

Anxiety when missing a gym session – consistency is certainly important, but getting stuck in traffic so you can’t fit your early morning weights class in is just one of those things – try not to sweat the odd missed session

Cancelling important plans with family and friends to fit exercise in – sure, if you’re a couple of weeks out from a big sporting event you might need to make a compromise or two, but this shouldn’t be a regular occurrence

Getting sick a lot – you might be compromising your immune system if you are constantly picking up coughs and colds and not resting your body enough to deal with them

Being constantly sore – a little muscle soreness can often show you have worked hard, but struggling to walk on a daily basis usually means you’ve done too much

You feel shattered rather than sparkly – sleep is one of the most important factors in maintaining a good exercise habit so if you’re utterly knackered then listen to your body, and have an early night

If you’re having trouble getting started or knowing when to stop then ask for support!

Last year's University Mental Health & Wellbeing Day

Many thanks to everyone that took part!


 photo_3.jpg photo_4.jpg

What do YOU do for your own wellbeing?

We’ve all heard that eating five fruit and vegetables a day is good for your physical health. Did you know that there’s a “5-a-day for mental health"? Following extensive research, the Foresight Mental Capital and Wellbeing Project identified 5 activities which promote mental wellbeing:

1: Connect… With the people around you. With family, friends and fellow students.

2: Be active… Go for a walk or run. Step outside. Cycle. Dance. Exercising makes you feel good.

3: Take notice… Be curious. Catch sight of the beautiful. Remark on the unusual. Notice the changing seasons. Savour the moment, whether you are walking to work, eating lunch or talking to friends.

4:Keep learning… Try something new. Rediscover an old interest. Learn to play a musical instrument.

5: Give … Do something nice for a friend, or a stranger. Thank someone. Smile. Volunteer your time. Join a community group. Look out, as well as in.

Before you say “I haven’t got the time”, consider that we all have the same number of hours in the day. Devoting time each day to activities which promote mental health and well-being can lead to improvements in:

  • your overall level of wellbeing
  • effective time management
  • meeting the demands of study and student life
  • your ability to fulfill your academic potential

It’s worth the investment!


University Mental Health and wellbeing Day 2016

Last year over 70 universities, including more than 3000 students and 650 members of staff, took part in University Mental Health Day 2016, in the #HeadsTogether campaign.

Warwick Celebrated with:

Alice In Library Land Afternoon tea and games

Workshops :

I’m late I’m late – time management

How to keep your head when everyone else is losing theirs


Doggy De-stress

Look after your mates

Thanks to Warwick Students’ Union, Feeling good and doing well in Coventry, Warwick Nightline, Warwick Volunteers, St Johns Ambulance, Warwick Allotment Society, Warwick Psych Soc, Warwick Library, UMHAN, Coventry Mind, Coventry Improving Access to Psychological Therapies, Drinkaware, Mental Wealth UK, MindApples and Time to Change for supporting the National University Mental Health & Wellbeing Day 2016