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Research Integrity

‘Research integrity’ refers to high quality and robust practice across the full research process ie the planning and conduct of research, the recording and reporting of results, and the dissemination, application and exploitation of findings. Research ethics are a subset of research integrity, focusing on the principle of avoidance of harm, within a statutory and regulatory framework.

The University expects the highest standards in the conduct of all research undertaken in its name and on its premises using its facilities. This includes research undertaken by staff, students, visiting or emeritus staff, associates, honorary or clinical contract holders, contractors and consultants. In this, the University recognises its obligations to the wider research community, to the funders of research and to society as a whole to uphold the integrity of academic research, and to comply with the UUK Concordat to support research integrity (2012).

Key policies

The Research Code of Practice provides guiding principles and standards of good practice in research across all subject disciplines and fields of study in the University.

The Code of Practice for the Investigation of Research Misconduct sets out a definition of research misconduct and the procedure for reporting and dealing with allegations.

University Statement on the Ethical Conduct of Research sets out the University's commitment to advancing and safeguarding the highest academic and ethical standards in all its research activities.

Research Integrity Annual Statements

The University's Current Research Integrity Annual Statement   

Previous Research Integrity Annual Statements

Message from the Chair of the Research Governance & Ethics Committee

Dear Colleagues

I am pleased to be able to formally launch Warwick’s new Research Integrity Online Training. This addition to our suite of online training provision will provide up-to-date and subject relevant support to all those involved in the delivery and administration of research. Universities now have a regulatory duty of compliance to the Concordat to Support Research Integrity, and this, along with our own institutional commitment to research operating at the highest standards, are the key drivers behind our investment into this new provision.

The training comes in five discipline versions each with five modules which can be completed over a period of time. The training is available free of charge to anyone with a Warwick login and is suitable for all levels of staff and students undertaking research. Warwick via the Research Governance and Ethics Committee requires the undertaking of the training, including a self-assessment exercise, by all staff and students (and their supervisors) undertaking research, research and research ethics committee members and research support staff (technical and admin).

Please find the access, log-in and support details:

Kind regards


Professor Lawrence S Young
Pro-Vice Chancellor (Academic Planning and Resources) and Chair of the Research Governance& Ethics Committee.