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Induction checklists

Before a new staff member starts at R&IS please ensure to:
  • Email information to about start date, time, location and who to meet
  • Email information about obtaining a new staff ID card (if external)
  • Email information regarding car parking on campus (if applicable)
  • Book IT Induction
  • Schedule meetings with contacts across campus.
Once started at R&IS please ensure new starter knows about:
  • Invitations for: all staff meetings, team meetings, department meetings and other role specific meetings
  • Access to shared drive (please speak with Brenda)
  • Access to telephone list and R&IS staff contacts page:
  • R&IS organisational chart
  • Seating plan
  • The University campus map
  • Completing the computer self assessment form. Completed form to be returned to administration team
  • The training requests process
  • Annual leave allowance and how to request
  • Sickness notification - the need to email R&IS and also to complete the necessary sickness forms
  • Prohibition meetings and process
  • Mandatory leave dates for current period.