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Summer Courses

Active Courses

Our Courses will run in the Summer Vacation with a variety of ways for you to work on a favourite activity or try something completely different. From Badminton to Golf, Swimming to Squash, all our courses are delivered by knowledgeable instructors and fully accessible for Warwick Students, Staff as well as the General Public. We have a diverse range of activities to keep you active each and every day.

What's your active?

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Course Duration  
Badminton 8 Weeks More Info
Bootcamp 4 Weeks More info
Climbing Various More info
Golf 8 Weeks More Info
Intro to Lifting 4 Weeks More Info
Pilates 4 Weeks More Info
Self Defence 4 Weeks More Info
Swimming - Group 6 Weeks More Info
Swimming - 1-to-1 6 Weeks More Info
Swimming - Female Only 6 Weeks More Info
Streetfit Workout 4 Weeks More Info
Squash 8 Weeks More Info
Tennis 4 Weeks More Info
Yoga 8 Weeks More Info
Yummy Movement 8 Weeks More Info

How It Works

Every course offers fantastic value for money. We use the best facilities either on campus or at specialist local centres.

If you have a current Membership, enjoy discounted prices for all of our courses. Please ensure your membership is valid throughout the duration of the course.

Anyone who is a non-member will need to pay the normal price to secure a place.

Ever thought about learning a new skill? Most courses run over 8 weeks and will leave you wanting more.

General Public

If you're not a Student at the University or Staff, it doesn't matter, you can still register for one of our courses. The only difference is you need to email: to check availability and book in person at the Sports Centre Reception.

University Staff

We accept your Warwick Learning Account Vouchers as payment for most of our Courses, so take advantage while you can.

If you're a Silver, Gold or Platinum Member, your voucher will cover the whole cost of the course*. For everyone else, your voucher will give you a significant discounted price.

Order your free WLA Vouchers today by visting:

Once you've received your Vouchers in the post, please bring them to the Sports Centre Reception as you'll need to hand them to us in person to book onto the course.

Our courses run each term and even in vacation so you will never be short of something to do. Whether you want to try a new sport or improve your skills, courses are a great way to socialise, fulfill your ambitions and enjoy the perks of being a staff member at the University of Warwick.

*Please check the inidividual course for applicability. Outdoor Climbing courses require 3 x vouchers. 1-to-1 Swimming is not payable with WLA Vouchers. Vouchers are covered up to the value of £70.