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Personal Training


Get expert guidance and prescription from our professional Personal Trainers

Personal Training is a great way to increase your workout motivation and improve your training results. Our Personal Trainers will lead your sessions in the Fitness Suite or our studios, set your goals and provide constant feedback, support and motivation. Here at Warwick we not only want our staff to give you the best exercises to achieve your goals, we also want it to be a learning experience where you learn correct form and exercise selection and technique.

Price List & Booking

1 session (1 hour) £45
5 sessions (5 hours) £175 (£35/hour)
10 sessions (10 hours) £275 (£27.50/hour)
20 sessions (20 hours) £475 (£23.75/hour)
Group Personal Training for up to 4 persons (1 hour) £50

To book your sessions, please speak to a member of the team. Call 02476 574599 or email

Meet the Team

Contact our team if you have any questions about personal training or anything else gym-related.

James Proctor | Matt Puziak | Przemek Kozak | Robin Pflughaupt | Matt Hunt | Sam Brown

Why work with a trainer?

Through correct exercise prescription and dedication you will improve your body composition, physical performance and health outcomes as well as having the constant support from your trainer whenever you need it! Throughout your time with one of our trainers, your selected professional will perform a range of different assessments to ensure you are getting the very best out of the service, these assessments will vary between the style of trainer you are working with, but don’t worry, these won’t be too intensive.