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Get Involved

All 65 University of Warwick Sports Clubs are run by student committees and have opportunities for you to take part. Keep healthy whilst you study and meet some amazing new people along the way.

How to Join

Any club that you join will be classed as an "On Campus Club" or an "Off Campus Club" and the fees differ if you intend to join one type or a mixture.

For the full details of how this process works, please take a look at this Downloadable PDF

  • The minimum cost to join one "On Campus Club" this year is £98
  • The minimum cost to join one "Off Campus Club" this year is £64
  • The minimum cost to join one "On Campus Club" and one "Off Campus Club" this year is £104

Club Development

We want all University of Warwick Clubs to be ambitious and have a plan for developing their club. We have a full time Club Development Officer to support all recognised clubs throughout the year.

Email to ask for support or book a club development meeting.

A great tool to help any club is Sport England Club Matters. Club Matters provides free, convenient, practical resources and training to help you develop and run a sustainable club.

Additional Funding

Need extra money to launch a new activity or develop your club?

Find funding opportunities here with options from within the University and beyond!


See which University of Warwick clubs have achieved bronze, silver or gold.

And find out how any club can get involved as a community, competition or participation accredited club.

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