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Legal & Compliance Services

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Welcome to the University's Legal Services webpages. These pages contain information about the University's legal obligations across a range of areas, including where to get advice and support on legal issues pertaining to the University and its staff.

The Legal Services team aims to provide effective, relevant and timely legal advice, support and guidance to all members of University staff in legal issues affecting the University, by reactively providing advice upon request as well as by proactively disseminating advice to contacts in all academic, administrative and service departments and offering training where appropriate.

  • To find out more about our aims and where we are situated, please visit about us.
  • For information on who to contact for legal advice, please visit our page outlining how we can help.
  • Please visit our People page to learn more about who we are.
  • Visit our quick guide to legal compliance for a brief overview of legal compliance issues.

Lady Justice by Michal Maňas from Wikimedia Commons

Interested in arranging a meeting or a workshop to explain to your colleagues their Data Protection/Data Security obligations, Freedom of Information, Copyright or any combinction of these?

Feel free to contact us: infocompliance at warwick dot ac dot uk