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Enterprise Champions

One of the first steps we have taken in our new guise as Warwick Ventures Ltd, is to have appointed a small number of prominent academics, who have succeeded in both research and enterprise, as Enterprise Champions. This is an honorary and unpaid position. Nomination is by agreement between Warwick Ventures Ltd, the individual academic, and the Head of Department, and is then finally approved by the Vice-Chancellor.

Insofar as they can fit anything else into their busy schedule, Warwick Ventures ask only that the Enterprise Champions could undertake the following tasks:

  1. Advising Warwick Ventures management on how they could be more effective in working with academics.
  2. Advising any academics who might approach them on the advantages and pitfalls in commercial exploitation of research innovations.
  3. Speaking at occasional high-profile events.

The first group of Enterprise Champions were announced by the Vice Chancellor at the Warwick Launch of our new company on Monday October 4th, 2010:

Prof. David Haddleton
Dr. Steve Dixon
Prof. David Hutchins
Prof. Nick Dale
(Life Sciences)