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Spin Out Companies: Physics

Warwick has one of the top 10 research environments in the UK for Physics, as assessed by REF 2014. Research papers submitted by our academics were considered to be of extremely high quality, with 96% judged to be at least "internationally excellent" and a quarter "world leading" (4*). Amongst English physics departments the overall output profile is second only to Oxford and Warwick Physics is ranked 6th in the UK.

Over 92% of academic staff in the Department were included in the REF2014 submission, to either the Physics (57 staff) or General Engineering (6 staff) panels. On the Research Power scale, which balances quality with quantity, Warwick Physics is ranked 9th in the UK and on overall GPA appears 12th.

Spin Outs

Advanced EPI Materials & Devices Ltd
Semiconductor company specialising in epitaxial growth, material characterisation and novel device fabrication.

Advanced EPI

Advanced Epi logo

Commercialising a market leading sensor that senses energy between microwaves and infra-red, and can help detect hidden objects, such as weapons, defects or health problems.

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UVdyne Ltd
A UK-based start-up that develops light sensor technologies for the ultra-violet range of the electromagnetic spectrum. UVdyne Ltd brings together scientific and technical expertise from two very diverse disciplines: particle physics and materials science.
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Ultrasonic testing equipment 

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