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Initial Teacher Training and Specialist Pathways

Nationally recognised ITT

The University of Warwick has a long-standing reputation for providing ITT of the highest quality. Our nationally recognised ITT and Specialist programmes develop the attributes, knowledge, resilience and skills required of those wishing to enter teaching in the FE and Skills Sector.

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Initial Teacher Training courses are subject to Ofsted inspections and as such Ofsted will visit the University periodically. As part of an ITT / ITE Ofsted inspection teacher trainees may be selected for the observation of teaching practice.

Student Profiles

"A whole new world has been presented to me and I am thoroughly enjoying every moment of it. The students and the tutors on the course are very supportive and I would like to continue on to a master's after graduating, which may, after completion of my degree, lead to my third career change."

Chris Redmile, DTLLS student 2013

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Most FE organisations will require a teacher to hold the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training or the PGDE, if they are in the full teaching role (Full or part time).