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The Politics of Brexit

8-week non-accredited short course


Theresa May has stated that the UK “will invoke Article 50 no later than the end of March 2017" in order to start the formal process of leaving the European Union. As Brexit negotiations begin, we will explore the contemporary political, economic and legal issues surrounding the UK’s departure from the EU. We will examine the UK’s historical relationship with the EU, the reasons for the ‘Leave’ vote, the core European institutions involved in the negotiations and key policies and issues that will likely be affected.

Throughout the course, we will relate to the political developments in the Brexit process that will be occurring at the same time. As such, there will be space to discuss the public, media and political debates that will be taking place during the time period of the course.

This course is currently fully booked. To join our waiting list please email clladmissions at warwick dot ac dot uk


26 January 2017
Day and time

Thursday 6pm-8pm

Fee £125
Venue OC1.02 Oculus Building, Main Campus.
Entry requirements None
Length 8 weeks


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Areas of study

  • Brexit - the story so far
  • Understanding the Brexit vote
  • Brexit, the European Council and the other 27 Member States
  • Brexit and the supranational institutions
  • Brexit and regional development funding
  • Brexit and immigration
  • Brexit and international relations
  • Brexit and the future of the United Kingdom


Dr Anil Awesti

anil awesti