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Meet the Saxons

7-week non-accredited short course

meet_the_saxons.jpgHave you heard of Beowulf, the Staffordshire Hoard or King Alfred? This multidisciplinary course will introduce you to the literature, history and culture of the Anglo-Saxons. You will explore the rich and diverse literary heritage of the period and discover the spectacular art and archaeological artefacts that have escaped the ravages of time.

Wes þu hal!

Starts Friday 9 June
Day and time Friday 10am - 12pm
Fee £110
Venue University of Warwick, room to be confirmed
Entry requirements There are no formal entry requirements for this course
Length 7 weeks
Contact Please use our contact form to send us an enquiry

Areas of study

  • Session 1: Introduction to the Anglo Saxons. The Anglo-Saxon heroic code and its importance to society
  • Session 2: The Saxons and the Britons
  • Session 3: The role of women in Anglo-Saxon England
  • Session 4: Alfred's battle against the Vikings
  • Session 5: Magic and Medicine in Old English literature
  • Session 6: The Anglo-Saxons and the 'others'
  • Session 7: The death of Anglo-Saxon England.


Dr Jasmine Kilburn-Small

If we have to cancel this course due to insufficient numbers, or for any other reason, then a full refund will be given. We wil endeavour to give a minimum of two weeks notice for any cancellation.