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Sabrina, Russia

What were you looking forward to most about studying on the IFP?

I was very excited to start the programme, it's very interesting to study something new and broaden my horizons in a different country. It gives a good opportunity for further life.

How have you found the experience of moving to a new country?

It's really quite different, I was quite nervous but the people here are so calm and polite!

In my first couple of weeks I met lots of people, not just from the IFP but all over. Everyone is so nice, and if I have any questions they are always happy to help me.

What would you say is the most interesting thing about the course so far?

I like that our teachers provide us with the latest information connected to our subject, it is very good for our education.

What's your favourite thing about living in England?

At the moment I can only think about what I don't like, and that's the weather - especially now as it's raining and I have forgot my umbrella! Before I came here my English was not so good, but here I feel my English is definitely improving, even by watching films with my friends.