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Certain changes to Tier 4 to take effect from 4 July 2011

Students who are not on postgraduate courses of at least 12 months' duration and who have their dependants with them in the UK are advised to seek advice from the University's Immigration Service as to how the rule change might impact on them, particularly if they or their dependants are intending to travel out of the UK and to re-enter the UK towards the end of their period of leave.

Students whose baby was born in the UK during the student's most recent Tier 4 or pre-Tier 4 leave should also seek advice from the Immigration Service before they travel out of the UK, as there have been changes with regard to obtaining leave for the baby from within the UK. This change could affect students' ability to re-enter the UK with their baby.


Mon 04 July 2011, 12:23 | Tags: Immigration Advice