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Integration Summit 2012

Integration Summit 2012

Measuring Integration and the Internationalised
Student Experience

Universities and students’ unions alike have typically struggled to address the key issues of integration and internationalisation of the student body, often following separate strategies at the same institution. The University of Warwick and Warwick SU have decided to take a collaborative student-led approach to these two issues through their joint “Go Global” project, and this innovative approach was recognised at the recent NUS Internationalisation Awards.

This Summit will examine how universities and students’ unions can best work together to encourage integration between international and domestic students and embed a global perspective in all their students. It will challenge universities and students’ unions to go beyond simply “wishing and hoping” that by producing high level internationalisation policy statements on the one hand and an increasing number of culturally positive grass roots level activities on the other that they can increase integration and realise the benefits of a culturally diverse campus.

Recognising that strategic interventions by universities and students’ unions can impact positively on student expectations and motivations, it will explore which activities can best promote integration and how their impact might be systematically measured in relation to increasing integration and developing students' global employability.

The Summit

The Summit will be distinctive in that it will bring together universities and their students' unions to think through the key questions relating to integration including:

• What expectations of and motivations for integration do students have?
• How do these expectations and motivations compare with the realities they experience?
• What arrangements or activities can promote integration in different contexts?
• How can we measure the impact of different activities on the degree of integration?
• How can we measure the impact of integration on the development of students’ intercultural competence and global employability?

The Summit will also produce a tangible output in the form of a report on best practice and recommendations on how to make “every student an international student”.

Day Two (Friday 9 March) - Students and their Unions

While the first day will be explicitly focused on integrating home and international students on campus, the second day will be for Students’ Unions to explore ways they improve and measure the impact of internationalisation activities on campus. The second day is targeted at students’ union sabbatical officers, international student officers, and students’ union staff.


Summit Speakers

Leo Boe, President Warwick SU
Alex Bols, Head of Education & Quality, NUS
Rebecca Bridger, President, Loughborough Students’ Union
George Charonis, NUS Postgraduate Taught Representative
Dr Darla K. Deardorff, Duke University (USA), Editor of The SAGE Handbook of Intercultural Competence
Prof Susan Dilly, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Queen Mary, University of London
Jo Holliday, International Student Adviser, Sheffield University Students’ Union
Beatrice Merrick, Director of Services & Research, UKCISA
Prof Helen Spencer-Oatey, Director, Centre for Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick
Bethan Payne, NUS HE Policy Assistant
Dr Ema Ushioda, Centre for Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick
Stephen Williams, Assistant Director, International Office, University of Warwick
Christina Yan Zhang, International Officer, NUS

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Essential Information

Thursday 8 March 2012
from 11.00 – 18.00, registration from 10.30

Evening Social Programme
Drinks Reception from 18.00 to 19.00
Global International Night from 21.00 til late (optional)

Who should attend?
The Summit will be of interest to those responsible for internationalising the student experience including:
• Students' Union staff and Sabbatical Officers
• International Office and Careers Centre staff
• Academic staff faced with an intercultural classroom
• Staff and students involved in HE internationalisation policy research

In order to develop a more collaborative approach to these issues, we would strongly encourage university and students’ union colleagues from the same institution to register for the event together.

Cost for Students' Union delegates
A fee of £10.00 for Students' Union representatives and staff members. Includes 2 course sit-down lunch, Drinks Reception.
SU delegates are invited to stay overnight in order to attend a day of interactive sessions on Internationalising the Student Experience on Friday 9 March from 10.00 - 15.00 in Warwick SU - available here

Cost for University delegates
A fee of £60.00 for University delegates.
Includes 2 course sit-down lunch and Drinks Reception

Special 'Collaborative' Offer
A joint fee of £60.00 for one University delegate and
one SU delegate attending together from the same institution.

University of Warwick Campus

Final programme available here

Any Questions?
Contact the International Office