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Go Global

Go Global is a joint initiative by the Students' Union and Office for Global Engagement. Its aim is to signpost opportunities to have global experiences both by going abroad, in the local community, or right here on campus.


Why Go Global?

Gaining experiences abroad or in an international environment is important as today’s global workplace will require you to collaborate with people from different cultures as well as to navigate culturally different environments constantly. Warwick offers you a wealth of opportunities to acquire the skills you need, either by going abroad or by joining one of the exciting opportunities offered on campus.

Apart from preparing you for a future workplace: looking beyond your own horizon, learning about others and their view of the world and trying new things is also fun! It will shape your personality, give you confidence and an understanding of the world and other people like very few things can.

Interested in how to Go Global?

Visit the Go Global portal to find out about: studying abroad, global volunteering, internships or international entrepreneurship and more fantastic opportunities on campus!

Short notice opportunities are published via social media – so follow us and stay up to date!

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