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Why should I attend?

During the Welcome to Warwick Programme, help is on hand every step of the way.

We want to make sure that you can get all the important things done before you start your classes at the beginning of term and the Welcome to Warwick programme will guide you through these processes, one step at a time. We'll also help you meet a range of new people and start to get settled on campus before your course starts.

During the programme we offer you a unique intercultural experience that helps you adjust to life in our multicultural community and get settled before the start of your academic year, with an amazing chance to make friends, network, and take part in skillls sessions, sport, activities, and much more!

  • Peer Support: Our team of student helpers will make sure your first steps in the UK and at Warwick will be supported and enjoyable! We train our helpers to make sure you receive the best support and guidance possible. The student volunteers will be supporting the events throughout the week, and are on hand to answer any questions you may have about life at Warwick.
  • Practical Support: Our programme will guide you through a range of practical elements of moving to a new university, including picking up your university ID card, getting around campus, and setting up a new bank account if required. In order to make your arrival and first few days as hassle-free as possible, we offer a temporary accommodation package so you can focus on settling in to your new environment.
  • Skills: The programme includes a range of skills sessions for getting used to a new style of study, ranging from intercultural awareness, postgraduate study skills, and key academic and language skills for international or EU students.
  • Events and Activities: Our programme will keep you busy and entertained from dawn until dusk with events and opportunities to become familiar with life in the UK and on campus.

These are only a few of the many services and activities we provide during the programme.

The online booking form will be available from mid-July 2017 and the timetable of events will be available to view from late August.

International Undergraduate students:

As a new international student, we know there are a number of additional tasks which you will want to take care of before the start of lectures. We understand that as a new international student, you may need some time to adjust to a new culture and a new language, as well as taking care of routine or administrative tasks such as stocking up on living essentials, completing your right to study check, or opening a UK bank account. During the Welcome to Warwick programme, we will support you through these processes, one step at a time.

Postgraduate students:

There is much to get used to when starting as a new postgraduate student - if you're new to Warwick, you have a new campus to get used to, as well as a new style of study to look forward to! The Welcome to Warwick programme will give you the space to quickly familiarise yourself with campus and the local area, attend some important postgraduate study skills sessions, and enable you to meet and network with other postgraduate students, so that you are ready to get straight into your studies when term starts.

Example Events

  • Support with administrative tasks – picking up your University ID card, registering with the Health Centre, and (if required) completing your Right to Study check, picking up your BRP card or registering with the Police.
  • Trips to the local shops so that you can stock up on essential items e.g. bedding, kitchen utensils, electrical items etc.
  • Tours of the campus to help you get your bearings around campus – it is important that you allow yourself the space to do this before you need to worry about getting to lectures on time!
  • A trip to Coventry to help you become acquainted with Coventry’s rich culture and history, as well as an opportunity to check out the many shops and leisure activities available while you study at Warwick.
  • A welcome reception where you can meet other international/ EU or postgraduate students.
  • A welcome fair where you can browse around stalls representing local companies and university services ready to welcome you to the Students’ Union and student life at Warwick. The fair will also be attended by a range of local banks so that you can begin the process of opening a new UK bank account if you need one. (A number of banks offer bank accounts for international students and for postgraduate students, so we encourage you to speak to the banks to discuss which products they offer to suit your needs).
  • An opportunity to familiarise yourself with the Library and its facilities
  • Information sessions to introduce you to key support services at the University, as well as a session designed to help you learn how to manage your budget.
  • We also offer a range of sessions to support you in finding accommodation in case any of you are still seeking permanent accommodation before the start of term.
  • Intercultural skills sessions which are open to all Welcome to Warwick delegates, an essential core competency as you prepare to live and study in our highly diverse, dynamic and multicultural community.
  • Key language and academic skills sessions – particularly useful for students who are new to studying in the UK.
  • For the postgraduate students amongst you, we offer a range of postgraduate skills sessions with a focus on postgraduate study tips and research skills, to help you quickly settle into life as a postgraduate student at Warwick.
  • Society taster sessions – Societies offer a great way to get involved in the campus community and meet a range of people with shared interests; as well as offering an excellent opportunity to develop a range of skills. The society taster activities offer a practical, interactive introduction to some of the many interesting activities you can get involved in through societies at Warwick – and they’re also a good way for you to meet and speak with your fellow new students too!
    Throughout the week, we’ll offer a wide range of social activities and events to cater to a range of tastes, designed to help you meet a mix of new people:
    • Networking activities to help you meet people in the same accommodation situation as you (e.g. meeting other people who live in the same accommodation block as you, or if you’re living off-campus, the opportunity to meet people living in the same neighbourhood. And if by any chance you’re still looking for term-time accommodation, it’s a great way to find potential flatmates too!).
    • Departmental socials – get a head start on the first day of lectures, by meeting with people studying in the same academic department as you. Bonus points if you can find people on your course!
    • Faith services: the Chaplaincy will be offering a range of faith services, as well as non-faith-specific events during the programme.
    • Chill out events: We know there’s a lot to do when moving to University, so make sure you make the most of our range of more relaxed events where you can pause and take in your new surroundings during a scenic walk around campus, or relax and chat to a few people over a board game, quiz, or movie, for example.
    • For the more energetic amongst you, we will also have a range of late night events to keep you entertained, including karaoke, a salsa night with taster class, and an international party to close the week!



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