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Molecular Analytical Sciences Centre (MAS DTC)

The Molecular Analytical Science Centre for Doctoral Training (MAS CDT) is an exciting new CDT which opened in 2014 with joint funding awarded from the EPSRC and Industry. MAS CDT will produce a new generation of Analytical Scientists. With the world-leading facilities and expertise at Warwick at their disposal, our students will graduate with a unique combination of skills in exploiting synergies between different experimental methods and in harnessing the power of combining data collection with experimental design, statistical analysis, modelling, and simulation. They will become the future leaders in Analytical Science, equipped with a combination of scientific and complementary skills for addressing many of the key industrial and societal challenges faced by the UK.

• If you’re one of the best sciences graduates out there, you could be eligible for one of our fully-funded studentships. Our interdisciplinary training and research programme will equip you to develop new techniques and methodologies in order to solve real-world problems.

• Industry links mean the end-users are kept closely involved with our research. These currently include industry leaders such as AstraZeneca, JEOL, Pfizer, Syngenta, Lubrizol and others.

• Transferable skills training forms an integral part of our courses. We’ll ensure you’re equipped with the skills needed to develop a career in research, in academica and industry.

Our graduates — destinations include:

The Centre took in its first students in 2014 and they will graduate in 2018. However, alumni from our previous programme MOAC DTC typically proceed to academic careers (including in the USA and Europe), and to research and development careers in industry.

Taught Master's Degrees