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This page lists the main research interests of Department staff. For more detailed information, follow the links to individual home pages.

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Academic staff (Faculty):

Research Fellows:

Dr E Hernandez-Hernandez  rsz_elena.png

Stochastic control in continuous time, and fractional differential equations and their connection with probability theory

Dr Qi Huang  rsz_qi.png Time series analysis, spectrum analysis and statistical modelling
Dr Hanne Kekkonen rsz_2-1.jpg Stochastic inverse problems and hyperparameters
Dr Matt Kusner  rsz_mattkusner.jpg State-of-the-art machine learning models, and models that are often used to solve real-world problems
Dr Matt Moores rsz_moores.jpg Approximate Bayesian Computation, Bayesian Inference, Computational Statistics.
Dr Linda Nichols

Statistical analysis of large observational cohort studies and clinical trials and interested in the use of electronic patient records for research.

Dr Murray Pollock  rsz_murray_pollock_profile.jpg

Monte Carlo methods; Computational methods for SDEs; Inference for intractible models.

Dr Panayiota Touloupou rsz_panayiota.jpg Bayesian inference and model selection for partially observed stochastic epidemics
Dr Seppo Virtanen rsz_seppo.jpg Bayesian modeling of multiple data sources

Emeritus Professors:

Professor John Copas Statistical modelling and inference. Models for censoring and selection bias. Local likelihood. Meta-analysis. Applications, particularly in medicine and criminology.
Professor Tony Lawrance Statistical analysis and nonlinear modelling of financial time series.

Honorary Professor:

Dr Tim Davis Honorary Professor
Professor John Fox Honorary Professor

Associate Fellows:

Dr Jon Arthur

Designs risk, resiliance, crisis prevention and issues management capabilities in multi-national contexts.

Dr Dalia Chakrabarty Solving puzzles within Astrophysics, and using numerical and statistical algorithms.
Dr John Fenlon Experimental design; the analysis of discrete data, particularly related to various forms of biological assay; statistical methods in chemistry; general statistical consultancy
Dr Anjali Mazumder Methods in and applications of probabilistic graphical models, decision analysis, information theory, Bayesian methods, and causal inference.
Dr Fabio Rigat Markov chain Monte Carlo methods for Bayesian inference, utility-based model selection, non-parametric models for survival data, network models for dynamic biological systems, non-parametric dynamic regression models, Bayesian CART models, pathway modelling
Dr Heather Turner Statistical modelling and statistical programming using the open source software R