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Diploma Handbook 2016/17

        Welcome to the Department of Economics

        Welcome from the Department of Economics. In choosing to undertake your Diploma course with us, you are now part of one of the very best Economics departments in Europe, and you will find your time here to be exciting, challenging and rewarding. Our aim is to ensure that not only will you graduate with a Diploma, but that you will reach your full potential during your time here. As well as being taught by top class teachers and researchers, we work hard to make your experience memorable and to provide you with valuable opportunities to enhance your CV and provide you with a flying start to your career.

        In less than 50 years, our Department has followed a rapid trajectory in both academic research and the training of the next generation of economists at bachelor’s, master’s and PhD levels. These accomplishments place us at the forefront of economic research and education in the UK and beyond. Dynamism, vision and energy were the essence of our founding mission; they remain at the core of our present and our future.

        Over the past five years, the Economics Department has undergone unprecedented growth as the volume and range of activity across all of our areas has significantly increased. The growth and expansion has taken place by design and strategy, aimed at achieving an ambitious set of objectives for the Department. We place your student experience right at the heart of our motivations, and are continuously improving our offering based on your feedback.

        Excellence in all we do is crucial, so we have significantly enhanced our standards in the calibre of students we seek and attract — you and your fellow students. The research reputation of the Department has as a result significantly enhanced, nationally and internationally, which was confirmed in the 2014 REF, when we achieved 4th place (on the basis of Research Intensity score).

        We wish you every success, and encourage you to engage fully with everything on offer in the Department and University.

        Welcome from the Diploma Course Director

        We would like to welcome you to the Diploma in Economics at Warwick. We hope you find the programme to be interesting and rewarding and your time here to be enjoyable and worthwhile.

        This booklet describes the Diploma in Economics. Some students are taking the programme as a one-year course (L1P5) in its own right and some are taking it as the first year of a two-year programme (L1PA) leading to a Masters degree in Economics, Economics & International Financial Economics or Behavioural and Economic Science (Economics Track).

        This booklet is intended as a reference guide for all students, covering all aspects of the programme. You should read it and refer to it if you have any questions. The information it contains is correct at the time of going to press (to the best of our knowledge). We hope that we have covered all the points which should be included.

        The Diploma is a one-academic-year programme consisting of approximately nine months of coursework leading to examinations in the Summer Term. Your Course Director will help you select the appropriate modules and options. The Course Director, with whom you can discuss any matters — academic or personal –on which you need guidance or advice will also act as your personal tutor.

        Study Skills

        As graduate students you will already have acquired study skills. However, there is always room for improvement. If you would like advice on any aspect of your studies you should consult the Course Director, seek advice from the University Senior Tutor’s office or undertake some self-help by reading:

        • Cottrell, S. 2008. The Study Skills Handbook
        • Creme, P. and Lea, M.R. 2008. Writing at University: A Guide for Students
        • Fairbairn, G.J. and Fairbairn, S. 2001. Reading at University: A Guide for Students
        • Race, P. 2007. How to Get a Good Degree: Making the Most of Your Time at University
        • Rowntree, R. 1998. Learn How to Study

        English Language

        If English is not your first language and you wish to improve or are having problems, consult the Centre for English Language Teacher Education. View a list of the in-sessional courses that are provided at:

        You can attend these courses even if you have already taken the pre-sessional courses. Please note that approved bilingual dictionaries are now allowed in University examinations.

        I wish you all a rewarding and successful time studying in the Department of Economics.

        Diploma Course Director
        Department of Economics
        University of Warwick