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Mirko Draca

Contact details

Telephone: +44 (0)24 765 23472

Fax: +44 (0)24 765 23032

Email: M dot Draca at warwick dot ac dot uk

Room: S1.126

Office Hours Tuesday 2-4pm (Term 2)

Students bookings: Sign up for a meeting with me at my googledoc site, which I update with available times for the coming week every Friday by 10am.

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Research Interests

  • Labour economics
  • Political Economy
  • Economics of Crime
  • Technology and Innovation

About Me

I am an applied economist who has worked on topics in the areas of labour markets, political economy, criminal behavior and innovation/technology . Some of my recent work has covered questions such as the impact of Chinese import competition on firms in Europe, as well detailed work on the 'revolving door' in Washington's lobbying industry.

Right now, I'm working on projects related to the effect of international sanctions in Iran, shadow lobbying in Washington; and how innovation 'cascades' through firm-to-firm networks.

The common theme to my work is that I seem to build a new, complex dataset and ask laterally different questions for every paper I do. This I have found takes a lot of work. In the future, I plan to write at least two papers using the same primary dataset. That might make life a bit easier, but probably less fun.

My insitutional affiliations include the CAGE Centre at Warwick and the Centre for Economic Performance at the LSE. I was a Network Fellow at Safra Center for Ethics (Institutional Corruption programme) at Harvard for 2011/12. Currently, I am supported by an ESRC Future Leader grant for the 2016-17 calendar period. Thank you, ESRC.

I studied for my Phd at University College London. Finally, because everyone asks: I am Australian. My parents were immigrants there (hence my name) and I was born in Wooloongabba, Brisbane.

Main Publications

"Trade-Induced Technical Change: The Impact of Chinese Imports on Innovation, Diffusion and Productivity" (2016) Review of Economic Studies, 83(1). (with Nick Bloom and John Van Reenen).

"Crime and Economic Incentives" (with Steve Machin) (2015) Annual Review of Economics.

"Revolving Door Lobbyists" (2012) American Economic Review, 102(6) (with Jordi Blanes i Vidal and Christian Fons-Rosen)

"Panic on the Streets of London: Police, Crime and the July 2005 Terrorist Attacks" (2011) American Economic Review, 101(5) (with Steve Machin and Robert Witt).

"Minimum Wages and Firm Profitability" (2011) American Economic Journal: Applied Economics (3) (January) (with Steve Machin and John Van Reenen).

Working Papers and Drafts

"The Changing Returns to Crime: Do Criminals Respond to Changes in Prices?" (2015) (with Steve Machin and Theo Koutmeridis).

"Reagan's Innovation Dividend? Technological Impacts of the 1980s US Defense Build-Up" (2013). Mimeo - this paper is resting but will rise again!

Policy Papers

Institutional Corruption? The Revolving Door in American and British Politics. Social Market Foundation - CAGE-Warwick Policy Paper.

It's Prices, Stupid! Explaining Falling Crime in the UK. Social Market Foundation - CAGE-Warwick Policy Paper.

The Economic Impact of ICT. Gigantic scientific report on all aspects of the economics of ICT for the EU Commission in 2010.

The Power of K Street (with Jordi Blanes i Vidal and Christian Fons-Rosen). CESifo DICE Report.

Work in Progress (Academic Papers)

"On Target? The Incidence of Sanctions Across Listed Firms in Iran" (with Jason Garred, Leanne Stickland and Nele Warrinnier).

"Shadow Lobbyists" (with Rocco d'Este and Christian Fons-Rosen)

"Cascading Innovation" (with Vasco Carvalho)