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Barclays Chief Executive sacking shows banks are failing to meet investors' profit expectations - Associate Professor Dr Lena Rethel

"The sacking of Barclay's boss Antony Jenkins is a sign that banks still struggle to develop innovative business models that meet investors' profit expectations whilst avoiding the excessive risk-taking that prevailed in the run up to the global financial crisis." says Dr Lena Rethel.

Wed 08 July 2015, 10:21 | Tags: Finance, Banks, News, Britain, Current Affairs

Labour Party plans to guarantee young people independent and face-to-face careers advice

The Labour Party plans to guarantee young people independent and face-to-face advice, delivered by careers professionals trained to give information and guidance on academic and vocational qualifications.

Low-risk pregnant women urged to avoid hospital births

Professor of Obstetrics, Siobhan Quenby shares her views on the new NHS guidelines released today for expectant mothers.

Wed 03 December 2014, 09:49 | Tags: Pregnancy, NHS, Expert comment, Policy, Britain, Health and Medicine

Dr Gabriel Glickman - No campign needs to swiftly find a way of countering negativity

Dr Gabriel Glickman of the University of Warwick's Department of History argues: Images of domineering English imperialists or scrounging Scots unable to stand on their own two feet have been with us for centuries, and they have pockmarked this campaign. But the ‘no’ campaigners need to show that this is at best a partial view of British history.

Wed 17 September 2014, 13:11 | Tags: Scotland, Britain, Current Affairs, History

If Britain Withdraws From the E.U., Higher Education Will Suffer

The latest blog from Professor Nigel Thrift, Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Warwick:

The British attitude to Europe often seems sad and unnecessarily destructive.

The idea of withdrawing from the European Union is profoundly mistaken, promoted by a ragtag of interests and members of the national press who often seem to confuse Europe with immigrants and run stories with two variants: “They’re taking our money” and “it’s just a crazy bureaucracy.” The result is clear enough: Britain has become more and more marginalized within Europe, a stance that can only make it more and more marginal to the world at large...

Fri 21 December 2012, 10:11 | Tags: Europe, Academia, International, Britain

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