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The great thing about your university experience is that it’s yours to create. Sharing interests and experiences is also one of the quickest ways to form new friendships.

Our Students’ Union (SU) supports over 250 student-run societies plus 65 sports clubs — covering activities as diverse as juggling, cinema, Harry Potter, and cheese and chocolate appreciation — so there’s bound to be something for you. And if you can’t find a society that catches your interest, you can always create your own.

Societies are currently categorised across 12 areas.

Academic Societies
Activities and Games
Cultural Societies
Film and Media
Food & Drink
Hall Societies
Music Appreciation
Religious & Belief
Welfare, Charity & Action
Festivals and Others

Making every day count

Getting involved with extracurricular activities not only helps you to connects with new groups of people, it also helps you develop skills that will give you a competitive advantage in the workplace.

Finally, the weekend I have been waiting for has arrived! The endless nights, muscle pain and time spent with the Warwick Bhangra Society has been worth it because we came 3rd place in the Capital Bhangra competition in London... There are times where you can become irritated with other team members, your self-esteem is in constant flux and you're tired, hungry and stressing about other things. But! That doesn't mean that they override the fact you make friends for life and you develop as a person in your own way. Read more.

Jivan Kandola, Classics and Ancient History student and blogger


Late last night I returned from a week at the Edinburgh Fringe with the Revelation Rock-Gospel Choir Society where we all ‘indoor camped’ in a church hall while busking as part of the Fringe Festival. I had the best time singing and chilling with some amazing friends. If you’re interested in singing I’d definitely say check the society out at Freshers’ Fair (shameless plugging!) as we’re a friendly, relaxed group who love singing, with no auditions! Read more.

Claire Saunders, Centre for Education Sudies graduate and student blogger


To see the full list of student societies at Warwick visit the Students' Union website.