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Undergraduate study

What if you received a comprehensive grounding in all the major engineering disciplines, meaning that you could turn your hand to anything a situation required? At Warwick we do things a little differently and consistently achieve a top ten league table position as a result.

Flexible, professionally accredited undergraduate degree courses, allow you to experience a broad range of engineering disciplines before deciding whether to specialise. Our multi-disciplinary approach will help you respond to tomorrow's global challenges.

We have more than 300 members of staff conducting research and teaching across a broad range of engineering disciplines, providing exciting opportunities for undergraduate study and project work.

In partnership with WMG (Warwick Manufacturing Group), the integrated approach to our courses will equip you with the transferable skills and knowledge required to work in industry now and into the future.

mechanical_150.png auto_150.png civil_150.png
General Engineering Automotive Engineering Civil Engineering
CSE electronic_150.png ebs_150.png
Computer Systems Engineering Electronic Engineering Engineering Business Management
ebm_150.png manufacturing_150.png mechanical_150b.png
Engineering and Business Studies Manufacturing and
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering


* The unified approach means that you will find Warwick under ‘General Engineering’ in league tables.

Group projects

Listen to James explain why his fourth year group project was "a thrill unlike any other".

From building a Formula Student car and a rescue robot, to launching a satellite into space and designing zero carbon homes, find out more about all our group projects.