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Dr Stefan Adams


Stefan Adams

Associate Professor (Reader)

 Office: B2.18

 Phone: +44 (0) 24 7652 3571

 Email: S dot Adams at warwick dot ac dot uk

Teaching Responsibilities 2016/17:
Term 1: MA4L3 Large Deviation Theory
Term 2: MA911 (P2) Probability: Theory and Examples 
Term 1-3: Research Study group (RSG) - Sample path large deviation and concentration

Students (4th year projects & MSc & PhD)

Research Interests:

Probability theory, Large deviation theory, interacting Brownian motions, statistical mechanics (Gibbs measures; mathematics of phase transitions; Bosonic systems and loop measures), gradient and Laplacian models, multiscale systems (renormalisation group theory), Wasserstein gradient flow

May 2016: Trends in mathematical crystallisation

May 2015: Summer school on 'Topics in renormalisation group theory and regularity structures'

Lecture Notes: 

Lecture notes Mathematical Statistical Mechanics, CDIAS Series A, No. 30, 2006 (pdf)

Adams, S., Briceno, R., Marcus, B., Pavlov, R., Representation and poly-time approximation for pressure of $ \mathbb{Z}^2 $ lattice models in the non-uniqueness region, preprint arXiv 1508.06590 (2015).

Adams, S., Eyers, M., Phase transitions in Delaunay Potts models, prepint arXiv 1504.02769, to appear in Journal of Statistical Physics (2015).

Adams, S., Kotecký, R., Müller, S., Finite range decomposition for families of gradient Gaussian measures, JFA 264, 169-206 (2013).

Adams, S., Dirr, N., Peletier, M., Zimmer, J., Large deviations and gradient flows, Phil. Trans A 371, 20120341 (2013).

Adams, S., Large deviations for stochastic processes, EURANDOM reports 2012-25, (2012).

Adams, S., Large deviations for empirical measures in cycles of integer partitions and their relation to systems of Bosons, Analysis and Stochastics of Growth Processes, LMS, Oxford University Press, 148-172 (2008).
Adams, S. and W. König, Large deviations for many Brownian bridges with symmetrised initial-terminal condition, Probab. Theory Rel. Fields, Volume 142, Numbers 1-2, 79-124, (2008).
Adams, S. and T. Dorlas, $C^*$-algebraic approach to the Bose-Hubbard model, Journal of Mathematical Physics 48, 103304-(1-14) (2007).
Adams, S. and T. Dorlas, Asymptotic Feynman-Kac formulae for large symmetrised systems of random walks, Annales de l'institut Henri Poincaré (B) Probabilité et Statistiques, Volume 44, No. 5, 837-875 (2008).
Adams, S. and J.-B. Bru and W. König, Large systems of path-repellent Brownian motions in a trap at positive temperature, EJP Vol 11, 460-485 (2006).
Adams, S. and J.-B. Bru and W. König, Large deviations for trapped interacting Brownian particles and paths, Annals of Probab. 34, 1340-1422 (2006).
Adams, S. and J.-B. Bru, A New Microscopic Theory of Superfluidity at all Temperatures, Annales Henri Poincaré. 5, 435-476 (2004).
Adams, S. and J.-B. Bru, Exact Solution of the AVZ-Hamiltonian in the Grand-Canonical Ensemble, Annales Henri Poincaré. 5, 405-434 (2004).

Warwick Statistical Mechanics Seminar 
Workshop Gradient Models and Elasticity (Warwick) 
Conference in honour of Hans-Otto Georgii at Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München

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